I’m offering a selection of one-on-one coaching services for people who can demonstrate (through the application process) that they are serious about a rapid-fire physique transformation. The number of additional clients I am accepting are few, and reserved for individuals that meet the following three requirements:

  1. All potential clients must possess a willingness to do the preliminary work on mindset, motivation and goal achievement via the questionnaire provided.
  2. All potential clients must have a positive optimistic attitude and a willingness to explore new approaches to nutrition and training that run counter to mainstream opinion.
  3. All potential clients must be “on-board” 100% with my accountability system that includes daily pictures of physique, food and drink, along with vital stats including weight, bodyfat, steps and any other metric deemed appropriate.

If what I have described above makes sense to you, and you meet the criteria set out above, here’s what to do next. Join my waiting list by entering your name and best email address below. You will then be among the first to know when a new slot opens up.

Waiting List: One-on-One Coaching

Please Note: Upon receiving an email from me with the subject line “New Coaching Slot Open” you will be provided with a unique URL to the application page.

Important: While my decision on who to accept is not based on a “first-come, first-serve” it will be wise to submit your application within the first 24 hours.

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