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The main focus of my blog and associated work has always been the written word, whether it be for articles, reports or long form content. This page contains select samples of my writing over the last 17 years.

Blog Post Samples

Real Time Physique Blog home page 2023

I am the author and creator of Real Time Physique Blog (,one of the longest lasting body transformation blogs in Internet history.

This blog has over 1800 days of daily documentation, 1400 unique entries, 10,000 user comments and over 1,200,000 unique visitors since November 2006.

I achieved this level of traffic with zero advertising spend. Below are links to select blog posts.

Informational Website

Founder/Creator: of Natural Skincare Authority, a 300-page resource site (from June 2005 to June 2020) built on “long-tail organic SEO” techniques.

I wrote the content, designed the layout and site structure, handled all backend FTP functions and researched and implemented the entire SEO strategy.

While operational, this site generated around 3,000 unique visitors (entirely from “organic” traffic sources) per month.

Free Report Author

My duties at this website (GPSA – Global Placement Services Australia) involved every aspect of website development and content creation. I also wrote a 65-page free report as a lead generation tool – download below.

Article Writing

Contributor at Burn The Fat Inner Circle

I have been an exclusive contributor to Burn The Fat Inner Circle by Tom Venuto. Below are reprints of two exclusive articles I wrote for this site in 2007 (articles are republished on this site, other articles are only accessible in private member’s area).

  1. The Fat Burning X-Factor – Part 1
  2. The Fat Burning X-Factor – Part 2

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