As the founder, creator and sole owner/proprietor of the “RTP” brand and other Internet-related properties I was directly responsible for all aspects of the business: management; legal; administration; content creation; desktop publishing; graphic design; video production, video marketing; copywriting; event planning; promotion and sales.

Below are my specific skills as they relate to social media marketing.

Writing (non-fiction): I am the author of a 584-page eBook, a blog (consisting of 950 individual entries) and co-author of two additional ebooks.

Books: I have self-published and marketed three fitness eBooks under my “RTP” brand in collaboration with Tom Venuto, No.1 selling fitness author in Internet history, and Carlos DeJesus, the 1985 Natural Bodybuilding World Champion, for a total of $105,000 in pre-tax sales.

  • RTP Transformation System (Basic Fat Loss)
  • RTP Muscle (Building Muscle and Strength)
  • RTP Turbo (Advanced Comp. Level Fat Loss)

RTP Transformation System: 7 Module Course

Blog: I am the author and creator of Real Time Physique Blog (,one of the most visited body transformation blogs in Internet history with over 1800 days of daily documentation, 950 unique entries, 10,000 user comments and over 1,200,000 unique visitors since November 2006. I achieved this level of traffic via my ability to create compelling blog entries and use of “white-hat” SEO (zero advertising spend).

Real Time Physique Blog home page 2023

Desktop/Web Publishing: I designed, edited, proofed, exported and published these three eBooks using “Pages” (Mac OSX application) as my primary word processing application. I also handled all web administrator duties including FTP and the and a significant portion of backend work on my vBulletin platform.

Graphic Design: I personally designed all the graphics (with the exception of the eBook covers) for RTP including logo design and creation, header graphics, promotional banners and marketing material. I also handled all image processing, editing uploading and file management for the 5,000+ images hosted on RTP related websites.

Video Production: I have created, edited and published videos that have been viewed by 40,200,000 people. All videos were story-boarded, video/sound edited, footage-sourced (images and raw video) and published by myself using iMovie and Final Cut.

Video Marketing:

YouTube Channel: The success of my videos is due to my advanced understanding of marketing, psychology, branding, positioning, timeless story-telling principles and YouTube specific SEO (Search Engine Optimization) I generated over 16,600,000 video views on my dedicated YouTube video channel. These online videos were the catalyst for the free publicity from mainstream media, including an approach from ABC America 20/20 for a primetime documentary.

YouTube Channel:

Mainstream Media PR: Due to my advanced understanding of marketing, positioning, branding and story-telling via social media channels (YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, etc) my fitness achievements were subsequently featured in the following media outlets – generating USD $500,000 in free publicity.

These media clips/articles can be viewed at:

  • Mens Fitness Magazine USA edition, April 2008 (One-page profile).
  • Mens Fitness Australia, August/September 2008 (Two-page profile).
  • NHK TV Japan, 5-minute profile broadcast on national TV to 5,000,000 people.
  • FUJI TV Japan, 5-minute profile broadcast on national TV to 20,000,000 people.

Video Contest Winner: In February 2008 I won an Internet marketing video contest from a field of 89 contestants. The USD $10,000 prize package was a 2-week trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida for a Web 2.0 marketing/sales seminar .

This seminar included VIP access to the world’s top direct marketers and Internet entrepreneurs: Jay Abraham ($9 billion in direct marketing sales), Frank Kern ($24 million in Internet marketing sales), Rich Schrefen ($100+ million in business sales), Jeff Walker (product launch expert) and John Carlton (world’s top copywriter).

Link to my winning video:


Copywriting: I employed my creative skills (concept/launch sequence), video marketing, web design, graphic design and copywriting skills (and relationships with strategic partners) to sell $103,000 AUD worth of my fitness books/forum/contest/event during multiple product launches in 2009/10.


As the creator and sole owner of the “RTP” brand and other Internet-related properties I was directly responsible for all aspects of the business: management; legal; content creation; graphic design; video marketing; copywriting; promotion and sales. Therefore, the success of this business was related to my ability to work independently while meeting sales targets and deadlines.

  • Community: I am the founder, creator, leader and adminstrator of the 1500 member-strong “real time” body transformation accountability community at ShredderSphere. I employed my leadership, organisational and managerial skills to grow this community from “start-up” to over 30,000 discussion forum posts, 35,000 blog entries, 200,000 blog comments in the first 3 months.
ShredderSphere 2010 home page
  • Founder/Creator: of Natural Skincare Authority, a 300-page resource site (from June 2005 to June 2020) built on “long-tail organic SEO” techniques. I wrote the content, designed the layout and site structure, handled all backend FTP functions and researched and implemented the entire SEO strategy. This site generated 3,000 unique visitors (entirely from “organic traffic sources) per month resulting in 4-figure “passive” earnings per quarter via affiliate commissions, endorsed mailings and Google AdSense.
Natural Skincare Authority founded by Adam Waters in 2005

Event Planning:

  • Contest Marketing: Via the ShredderSphere community I also conducted the world’s first international “real time” body transformation contest, resulting in over 120 successful 12-week “body transformations.” A sampling of 22 “success stories” can be viewed here: and the entire 120 before and after results of the 120 successful participants can be viewed in the video below.

120 Weight Loss Transformations In 120 Seconds on RTP

  • Event Planning: Via this community and contest I also organized and conducted a 3-day event in New York City in which 55 customers from 7 countries attended at their own cost. A promotional video entitled “120 Weight Loss Transformations in 120 Seconds” which encapsulates all 120 success stories in rapid-fire motion along with assorted images from the NYC event can be viewed at the following URL:

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