Teaching in Japan

Myself and a student featured in the Osaka University of Commerce High School promotional yearbook in 2007.

My English Teaching Experience

I have eight years experience teaching English as a second language (TESOL). As you can see from the pictures on this page I taught in Japan exclusively between July 2000 and September 2008. During this time I taught a variety of age groups and settings.

Nova Schools (2000-2002)

With my class at Nova Kids at Ikoma (Osaka) in 2000.
My “Sayonara” party at Nova Gakuenmae in 2002.

Through my Nova (Ikoma and Guakenmae Schools) experience I taught kids and adults in both private and group lessons. During my time at Nova I also conducted “Voice Room” lessons with up to ten students.

With two of my “Private Lesson” students in Osaka in 2002.

Business English (2002-2006

“Business English” at multi-national corporations including Mitsubishi, Sumitomo, Nestle, Fujitsu, Sharp, Sanyo and Nintendo. I conducted multi-day intensive training seminars, TOEIC courses, Eiken tests, 30 person one-day seminars, interview grading tests and regular company classes.

With my Nintendo “freshman” students at Kyoto in 2008.

High School Head Teacher(2006-2008)

My duties at Osaka University of Commerce High School included teaching “Conversational English” to Grade 11 and 12 high school students, managing five other foreign English teachers, designing curriculum and exams for 160 students, and conducting special events (e.g. “Open Days” and “Speech Contests”).

With my Grade 12 students at Daishoudai in 2008.
With Japanese teachers and the foreign teachers I managed at Osaka High School.

Professional Reference From Japanese Principal

To whom it may concern,

Adam Waters worked at Osaka University of Commerce High School (Daishoudai) from April 2005 to March 2008 as a regular teacher for the first 2 years, and as Head Teacher/Co-leader for the final year. I was the principal during that time, and am now a director of Tanioka Educational Institution and principal at Osaka Women’s Junior College High School.

During Adam’s three years at Daishoudai he was always positive, friendly and hospitable. Adam’s duties included teaching English conversation classes, attending school functions, designing the curriculum and conducting tests. Along with other native English speakers Adam taught English conversation classes under the school concept of “Let’s experience English with native speakers.”

He not only taught students during lesson periods, but also communicated with students during recess and after-school activities. Adam always communicated effectively with students and displayed a high level of cultural awareness when communicating with other Japanese teachers and staff members. He taught lower level students with enthusiasm, encouraging them to study English. He also cooperated positively with the Japanese English teacher coordinator and prepared lesson outlines and yearly curriculum.

When Daishoudai planned to send teachers to junior high schools for school promotions, Adam was always the first to offer his cooperation. Though the conditions during the promotion were poor ( high temperature, no air-conditioner, etc. ), he still gave great lessons to the junior high school students, which positively reflected on our school. It was always clear to me that Adam wanted every student to succeed at English communication through his lessons.

As Adam had this as his primary goal and basis of his teaching, he had never-ending energy toward students. When Adam finished his contract and returned to Australia in 2008, I had hoped that he would one day come back to Japan and teach, as he excels at understanding people’s needs and providing lessons to meet those needs. Upon hearing that Adam is once again returning to Japan, I am very happy to write a reference for him and have every confidence that he will be an asset to any future employer


Toukichi Amako,
Director of Tanioka Educational Institution
Website: http://www.tanigaku.ac.jp
Address : 3-8-1 Kasugaoka Fujiidera-shi, Osaka 583-8558
Phone: +81 (072) 955 0718