On this page you will find 22 amazing real life, real time, success stories on the RTP Transformation System. Each member below followed the 90-Day RTP System documented and their journey in real time in the ShredderSphere.com community website (using an “internal blog”).

Note: If you’d like to see all the before and after pictures of all 120 initial success stories (as documented in the ShredderSphere) along with pictures of our meet-ups in New York City and Australia watch the video below.

120 Weight Loss Transformations In 120 Seconds on RTP

Description: 120 real people transform In real time on the RTP Transformation System and in the ShredderSphere Private Community, have a ton of fun in the process, with 50 Shredders meeting up in New York City and Australia at the end of our Missions!

Dean Theisinger: 84 Day Statistics on RTP
Fat Weight Lost
22 Pounds of Fat Lost
Body Fat % Lost
14.9% of Bodyfat Lost
Muscle Gain
16 Pounds of Muscle Gained

“RTP Will Change Your Mind, Body and Life”

The RTP System has my best vote for a body transformation system which gets excellent results.When I started
RTP I was skeptical and not sure if this System was going to transform
my body as I have tried so many times before and failed only to
gain more fat and weight back.

What is so wonderful about this RTP system is it’s ability to
motivate you from within by first getting your mind and attitude
right and then it proceeds to hold you accountable everyday in
every way.

I have managed to make an amazing transformation by keeping it
simple and following the massive action steps which RTP teaches

My self-confidence has soared and I now live a wonderful healthy
lifestyle and I love my life and myself. The RTP System provides
a wonderful support structure through the ShrederSphere Support
Community and keeps you motivated throughout your trasformation.

The more effort you put into it the greater your reward after
the 84 initial days. The RTP System focuses on results and gets
them effortlessly. The process is fun and very informative and
garanteed to succeed.

RTP will change your mind, body and life and exceed your wildest
expectations. You will feel great and look wonderful and hear
all sorts of people complimenting you on your great new looks.

Go for it now!!

Dean Theisinger,

Namibia, Africa

Elaine Morales: 84 Day Statistics on RTP
Fat Weight Lost
25 Pounds of Fat Lost
Body Fat % Lost
18.5% of Bodyfat Lost
Muscle Gain
14 Pounds of Muscle Gained

“Adam, You Provide All The
Tools – You Spell It Out!”

Well, you’ve read my story, you know
how I’ve worked the program, what my results were, and how
thrilled I am. I wanted to also take the opportunity to reflect
a bit on the RTP System. Why did it work for me? I am in the best
shape of my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE! How can this be?

Even before discovering and purchasing RTP, I KNEW what to do
to get in the best shape of my life, but I NEVER applied this
knowledge. Adam, your program offers something VASTLY different.
You don’t just talk about visualization and goal-setting,
you show us how and keep us accountable. You put equal emphasis
on the mental and emotional work and transformation as you do
the physical.

And – you provide all the tools! You spell it out. The training
and nutrition is idiot-proof! I was forced to up the intensity
of every workout in a way I have never experienced before. The
training and nutrition logs were invaluable. The accountability
log and daily blogs are totally unique. And key to the success
of this program.

I was very skeptical about the Shreddersphere. I am an introvert
and a private person. I have never blogged, posted to a public
discussion board, nor participated in any online community (except
Facebook) before. But you have developed something special here.
The tone here is so positive and supportive. Having a closed community
makes it safe – don’t need any near-naked pics of
me circulating at the office!

Yes, it takes massive effort. RTP is NOT a quick fix. It is
NOT easy. But you have provided step-by-step instructions on
how to work it. I didn’t have to think, just do. AND,
your sincere and encouraging presence is most welcomed. I have
perceived you as a role model and mentor, someone who has been
there like the rest of us.

So, thank you, from the bottom from my heart. I am thrilled to
be a part of this community and hope I can give back even a fraction
of what I have gained from it.

With warm wishes,

Elaine Morales,

Jersey Shore, U.S.A.

Eric Dalkenberg: 84 Day Statistics on RTP
Fat Weight Lost
43 Pounds of Fat Lost
Body Fat % Lost
11% of Bodyfat Lost

“The ShredderSphere Is An Amazing
Group of People…”

The RTP Transformation System and the ShredderSphere community
have helped me to change my life! I was overweight, having health
issues, and really wondering how to turn things around. I received
an email from Tom Venuto about the program and as soon as I started
reading the material, I knew this was the path that would take
me where I needed to go.

The RTP Transformation System is a well thought-out, proven system
combining a 12-week physical training regimen, a nutrition plan
that supports the high level of physical work being done, and
a powerful mental training system to help discover and address
those mental blocks that can so easily derail your efforts.

The ShredderSphere community is an AMAZING group of people who
support, encourage, and help each member as they pursue their
Missions. Accountability is the total key for me and this community
and the accountability system has been very foundational in my

In my first 12 weeks, I lost 43 lbs of fat and my BF% went from
34% to 23%. I am very pleased with these results and look forward
to starting my second mission soon.

I love being a part of this community and helping others achieve
their goals, building friendships, and watching people make amazing
changes in their lives! These are real people working together
to reclaim their health and build new lives. I’m very happy
to have found this place, and am grateful to Adam Waters and his
dedication to his own health, the RTP System he has built, and
the community he has helped bring together.

Thanks to Adam, my Shredder teammates and friends, and this system,
I have a new, healthier lifestyle and am in the best shape of
my life. And this is just the beginning!

Eric Dalkenberg.

Sarah Kensington: 84 Day Statistics on RTP
Fat Weight Lost
31 Pounds of Fat Lost
Body Fat % Lost
15.5% of Bodyfat Lost

“Adam Has Created Something
Very Special – EVERYTHING You Need For A Successful Transformation”

On the 19 April 2009 I received an email from
Tom Venuto that set me on a path that has dramatically changed
my life.
The email led me to Adam Waters’ astonishing ’84 days in 48 seconds’
transformation video, his blog and the RTP Transformation System.
I had lost who I was and felt like I was slowly dying inside.Adam and Tom combined in that email and blog were the lifebelt
that stopped me from going under. Maybe that sounds a little dramatic
to you but I can assure you that is how bleak things felt. That
lifebelt has allowed me to rediscover my self-confidence and I
believe in myself again.I’m in control of my life and am no longer the sad fat girl I
was when I got started – I am a completely different person both
on the outside AND the inside!Dealing with the mental and emotional elements, alongside the
physical and nutritional, and combining them with the power of
online accountability, support and friendship from others who
are following the same programme, Adam has created something very
special – EVERYTHING you need for a successful and true transformation.The only reason you won’t transform your body with RTP is because
you decided not to do it! Adam, I set out purely looking to change
my physical appearance and when I bought RTP I had no idea that
I was going to get so much more than I bargained for!I will always be indebted to you and can’t thank you enough for
your continued support and commitment. Warmest regards,Sarah Kensington, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

Dennis Harne: 84 Day Statistics on RTP
Fat Weight Lost
7 Pounds of Fat Lost
Body Fat % Lost
7% of Bodyfat Lost

“I’m In The Best Shape I Have
Been In For 30 Years!”

I lost a lot of weight on my own by doing the 3 things exercise,
cardio, and nutrition before finding RTP TS system was kind of
happy at my lose but knew that I need some help. Then I found
by accident the Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle E-Book by Tom Venuto
on the Internet, read it from cover to cover and was just starting
to get organized on my plan of attack when I got an e-mail from
Tom about this world wide Real TimePhysique Transformation contest.

It was the RTP TS System by Adam Waters so I read the overview
and seemed to fit what I was looking for. So I went ahead and
downloaded the system, boy was I surprised at what I received,
everything was laid out for me. Read it, laid out my plan set
a date to start, and got to it.

I thought that I could it by myself boy was I wrong, that what
the ShredderSphere was all about support, accountability, training
programs and information. Adam and all the other Shredders were
there to help. It helped me get in the best shape I been in 30
some years. Got rid of a lot of body fat and added lean body muscle.

Now at the age of 54 I have a healthier and more fit life, was
able to set my personal best on weightlifting, and able to do
100 miles Bike rides on weekends. It feels great to be able to
be active! I even got my wife to join, she was a very big help
to me also, plus she was able to also able to lose body fat and
add muscle mass . The RTP has it all, helps you lose fat, gain
muscle, learn proper nutrition, accountability, plus motivation
and support. Just wish that I would have found it sooner.

7 lbs and 7% body fat are gone! Looking forward to doing RTP Muscle
for my Mission 2 and RTP Turbo for Mission 3.

Thanks Adam

Dennis A. Harne

Michelle Kirton: 84 Day Statistics on RTP
Fat Weight Lost
21 Pounds of Fat Lost
Body Fat % Lost
9.1% of Bodyfat Lost

“Adam Has Created A Safe Place
For All Of Us… “


On April 24, 2009 I received my Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle newsletter
from Tom Venuto, with the title ““Fat blogger”
or “Shredder” – you decide”. I was intrigued.

Reading on subsequently lead me to Tom’s Burn the Fat Blog,
where I was introduced to Adam Waters and the story of a man who
sounded very much like me. Adam was an average guy who transformed
himself after countless failed attempts and has found the missing
link to maintaining and surpassing his initial progress. I was
inspired and quickly purchased the Real-Time Physique (RTP) Transformation

I’ve purchased countless fat loss programs with great intentions
of transforming my body, but would either start and fail within
a matter of weeks, or be so completely overwhelmed by the idea
of the process that I’d quit before I even got started.

RTP was different. The early modules really helped me get to the
root of WHY I wanted to change my body and provided powerful tools
that would help me motivate myself through my Mission 1 journey.
Throughout the remainder he taught me how to manage my nutrition
and training, taking away the idea of it “just” being
for 84-days but showing me that it could become a lifestyle choice
if that’s what I wanted.

When it came to the training, everything was laid out for me,
but not written in stone, allowing flexibility to meet my lifestyle
and physical needs. With these detailed blueprints I was set and
ready to rip my Mission, and body, to SHREDS!

Adam has created a “safe place” for all of us that
aren’t happy with our bodies yet are inspired to change
instead of wallowing in feelings of hopelessness, self-pity and
hate, all words that accurately describe how I looked at myself
only weeks ago. This community provided a forum filled with lots
of great information, direct access to experts who addressed any
questions along the way, and enabled us to come together, supporting
one another through the ups and downs of the program and life
in general.

A special thanks to Tom Venuto for introducing me to Adam and
RTP, to Carlos DeJesus for providing such great motivation and
lessons throughout the Sphere, and to Adam for not only making
this possible but for walking the talk, leading by example and
being there to help each and every one of us through our respective

I also cannot forget to thank all of the Shredders who’ve
supported and encouraged me with their words of support and much
needed kicks in the pants when needed, and for the motivation
I received by having the opportunity to share in their journeys.

When you’re ready, you can find me and my fellow Shredders
in the Sphere, ready to welcome and support you through your own
personal transformation…

Michelle Kirton,

Ontario, Canada

Chuck Billingsly: 84 Day Statistics on RTP
Fat Weight Lost
32.2 Pounds of Fat Lost
Body Fat % Lost
9% of Bodyfat Lost
Muscle Gain
9.1 Pounds of Muscle Gained

“I Am Now Now More Positive
and More Self-Confident”

No More Excuses!

I can’t say how many times I have started a fitness contest
only to fizzle out, even after positive results. Not this time.
With everything supplied by RTP I knew I could start AND finish
and here I am.

When I first was introduced to RTP Transformation System I knew
I had found something different. Created by someone whom I can
relate to in their past fitness frustrations. A system comprised
of all the ingredients that seemed to be missing in my past efforts.

During my first mission I sometimes felt life was throwing every
roadblock it could find at me. I was hit with everything from
sickness and past injuries to the death of my grandfather, but
quitting was never an option. The RTP Transformation System prepared
me in my thoughts, my beliefs and my attitudes.

The RTP System Modules motivated and taught me, the accountability
system kept me on track and the wonderful ShredderSphere was there
to give support and positive pressure. I am so grateful to my
shredder friends for all the support and encouragement. For me,
that was one of the most important RTP Transformation success

I am more now positive, more self-confident and less likely to
step back to try to blend in with the scenery. I know I can accomplish
anything I set my mind to. I am happy with who I am and how I
look and that cannot be taken away.

The RTP Transformation System has taught me by experience; if
you want a positive powerful transformation you do it from the
inside out. The proof is in the pictures.

Thank you Adam Waters, thank you Tom Venuto and thank you Carlos
DeJesus for sharing your knowledge and your vision. Thank you
ShrederSphere friends for your support and encouragement. I have
completed my mission and am ready for the next.

Shred on my friends,

Chuck Billingsley.

Jennifer A: 84 Day Statistics on RTP
Fat Weight Lost
19.3 Pounds of Fat Lost
Body Fat % Lost
10% of Bodyfat Lost

“I Have So Much Happiness And
Energy Within…”

My biggest problem was food and emotional eating. I have
worked out with intensity on a daily basis for at least 3-4 years,
but when night time would roll around and I got bored, I could
easily down an entire box of cereal in on sitting. I would secretly
sneak into the kitchen when my family was watching TV, and shove
down cookies that my husband bought. I bought my daughter her
own refrigerator so she could keep “dangerous foods”
out of my reach. I would tell my husband not to bring sweets into
the house. I broke down crying one day, telling my husband I could
not control myself- if it was there, I would eat it.

By some twist of fate, I got the email from Tom about RTP during
April. I had seen the 60 second transformation Adam posted online
about a year before, and remember thinking- “wow”.
It was the contest though, that little competitive/goal I needed
that got me up off my keester though. At the time, I didn’t
know if I would do the competition, but I saw the program was
“money back guarantee”, so I thought, what do I have
to lose?

Something happened though, a goal was placed, a reason to push,
something magic was turned on in my head, and I was reading as
much of the modules as I could so I could start quicker!“May-Day”,
as I like to call it (May 1, 2009), was my start date. I liked
having the structure, the itinerary, the daily goal to complete.

The Sphere was completely new to me. To this point throughout
my life, I have been a loner. Don’t ask for help- do it
yourself; don’t depend on anyone but yourself, etc. I always
worked out alone, shopped alone, heck, I even would go out to
eat alone if I felt like a certain meal. The immediate support
that I started receiving on the Sphere was overwhelming. Someone
always turned a self-deprecating comment I would make about myself,
into a positive thing, or an encouragement.

My ideas and thoughts started to change, and I started to feel
like part of the community. It was not until around phase 2 that
I formed some really close shriend-ships with a few Shredders,
and this has made a daily difference in my outlook, both supporting
them, and receiving support from them. Posting the daily photo
was embarrassing in the beginning; of course, I was ashamed of
my body. But as my transformation began, I started doing side-by-side
photos of day 1 and current day.

This was a daily reminder and inspiration for me. I could SEE
the difference, the progress, the hard work. It encouraged me
to do more, to push myself and to succeed.

My moods and energy levels have also changed significantly. I
am always (99.9% of the time) on a crazy happy-high…so much
energy, so much happiness within.

I am proud of myself, not ashamed. I enjoy the accolades that
people are continuously giving me now. It’s a testament
to my hard work, and I eat it up!

Jennifer Ackerman,

Texas, USA

Earl Bloom: 84 Day Statistics on RTP
Fat Weight Lost
24.7 Pounds of Fat Lost
Body Fat % Lost
10% of Bodyfat Lost
Muscle Gain
2.7 Pounds of Muscle Gained

“I Simply Had No Excuse Not
To Succeed!”

This first Mission challenged me both Physically and Emotionally.
While I initially thought I would be able to focus all of my efforts
on the nutrition and exercise, it turned out that my mindset was
the most important change for me… and starting Day 30, it
all started to click…

It was like the cloud in my eyes (and mind!) cleared and everything
started to make a whole lot of sense. The progress, while slow
at first, started to accelerate, which further increased my confidence
in the RTP System. All of a sudden, Daily Compliance was no longer
feared, but instead, I looked forward to following the direction
provided in each Module to the letter.

Coupled with the support and accountability provided within the
Shreddersphere, the pieces of my life puzzle started to fit together,
one piece at a time… each and every day. Who would have
imagined the power of hundreds of fellow Shredders (aka Shriends)
all around the world cheering you on and supporting you every
step of the way! And with the tools available to track my progress
and keep me accountable, I simply had no excuse but to succeed!!!

EXPECTATIONS!! *All I can say is thanks for providing me with
the opportunity to take my life in a far better (and healthier)
direction! I look forward to remaining a pillar of this fine community
in hopes of influencing and encouraging others towards this euphoric
/ “beyond” the zone feeling I now enjoy!

Many of my inner changes revolved around my entrenched mindset,
was it too late to change? No. I learned that I was still a warrior
at heart, and that RTP could provide an excellent set of buttons,
but that I had to push them. Now go and push your own!

Earl Bloom,

Michigan, USA


Lindsay Shack: 84 Day Statistics on RTP
Fat Weight Lost
14 Pounds of Fat Lost

“The ShredderSphere Is A Community
Full Of Honesty, Support and Wisdom”

I feel extremely lucky to have found RTP at a time in my
life where I was spinning my wheels and ready for a change. I
was the queen of yo-yo dieting, always letting myself down, getting
ahead a bit, only to take two steps back shortly thereafter.

I shut myself off from the world and experienced a lot of bingeing
and emotional eating, creating a never-ending pattern of ups and
downs. I’m a health enthusiast, personally and professionally
and love everything about working out and eating right and living
a life where I’m in control of all that. However I was lost and
alone and my emotions took me on a rollercoaster ride.

I knew I had big demons to face and had to conquer them head first.
What I found – was a community full of amazing, wonderful, supportive
like-minded people who shared in my self-doubts, related to me
on a level I would never find in my “real” life, and
supported me not only on my good days, but my deep, emotionally
hard and draining days (which were quite a few!!) I’ve found real
friends – real people who care about my progress, my future, and
my well – being. I was so depressed, shy, and unconfident when
I first started RTP. You can see that in my before pictures. I
didn’t know where I was going but I knew I was going to give it
a try and needless to say, I’m so happy I did.

My transformation was not only physical. I’ve grown a lot over
84 days. Towards the end of the contest, my physical transformation
was only a part of it – my personal strength and willingness to
open up and experience LIFE, start living and stop thinking and
instead start DOING became who I was about. I still have things
to accomplish, physically and mentally, but I know I’m going to
get there with the support of RTP and the ShredderSphere.

I tell so many people who ask me what I’m doing, or how I’ve done
it that you have to get your MINDset in the right place before
anything else will follow. That’s the missing factor – that and
accountability combined is what RTP is all about and what sets
it apart, and why I found it successful for me. I really found
that putting myself out there was important for me to succeed.
It was the most difficult thing to do out of any of the planning,
workouts, and meals – but the most worth it.

Now, I’m pouring my heart out and it’s the kind of release that
helps move me forward. I usually bailed 2 weeks in on most “contests”
and online forums – I would escape and hide because I could. But
I never wanted to this time and don’t plan on it in the future

Adam started a movement and created a community full of honesty,
support, wisdom, and knowledge and for that I am forever grateful!

Lindsay Shack,



Scott Callahan: 84 Day Statistics on RTP
Fat Weight Lost
25 Pounds of Fat Lost
Body Fat % Lost
7.5% of Bodyfat Lost
Muscle Gain
3 Pounds of Muscle Gained

“I Have My Life Back, I can
Run, Play With My Son And Live Life To Its Fullest”

Less than 10 months ago I weighed 350+ lbs (scale stopped
at 350), was on 12 prescriptions and couldnít walk a flight
of stairs. I had worked out 1 day in 10 years and I was morbidly
obese, depressed and I was going to die.

I was scheduled for gastric bypass surgery to lose weight to be
followed by knee replacement surgery. I worked full time and had
a 3 year old and a wife on disability with complete amnesia. I
didnít have time to work out and ate fast food an average
of 18 times per week. My BP was 160/110, cholesterol was 334 and
I was in beginning stages of diabetes.

Then I found Tom Venuto who led me to Adam and RTP and everything
changed. What was so different about the RTP program was you donít
worry about nutrition and exercise until module 5. This program
truly realizes that you must get your head and heart in the right
place to truly transform. I learned to use the power of visualization,
NLP and Powerful Reasons Why to achieve amazing results in a short
time. For the first time ever I felt I was truly in control and
making a permanent lifestyle change not on a temporary diet(banned
word) I no longer diet, I am on a nutrition supported fitness

The Present– I have now lost 110lbs overall including the
contest. During the past 12 weeks I dropped 25 lbs overall with
a loss of 28 lbs of fat and added 3 lbs muscle and I lost 7.5%
BF. I went from no weights to 50 lb dumbbell curls. From no stairs
to climbing 12 flights for lunch everyday- 2 steps at a time.
I am off all prescriptions and canceled both surgeries. My cholesterol
dropped to 134, BP to 120/70. No fast food since Oct í08.What
changed? I still have the same job, wife and son- everythingís
the same except my attitude. I had always started great but quickly
gave up until I entered the ShredderSphere. The daily accountability
of photos, nutrition, fitness and mental training keeps me motivated
and focused like never before. The support of other like minded
shredders is amazing and the inspiration unlimited. My wife even
follows the program and blogs every day which has helped with
her memory.

The Future – I have my life back, I can run, play with
my son and live life to its fullest again. I plan to stay in ShredderSphere
community and I already have my next several missions planned
and even know that on Feb 28th,2010 I will qualify as a Council
member and on Jan 29.2012 I will post my 1000 day photos. I want
to share this phenomenal system with as many people as possible
because it is life changing.

I would recommend RTP to anyone of any size because of the structure
and accountability built in. Even with no prior training someone
can slowly build weight and intensity to suit their level of fitness.
The program can be easily repeated with similar results. Thanks
again Adam!

Your Shriend,

E Scott Callahan,

North Carolina, USA


Kim McGuire: 84 Day Statistics on RTP
Fat Weight Lost
9.21 Pounds of Fat Lost
Body Fat % Lost
6.84% of Bodyfat Lost
Muscle Gain
1.81 Pounds of Muscle Gained

“Thank You So Much Adam,
You Turned My Life Around”

It’s hard to believe that just a few short months ago
I was spiraling downward into a big black hole of depression!
My 40th birthday was quickly approaching and I was very unhappy
with myself. My unhappiness lead to a lot of negative self talk,
which lead to binge eating, laziness, irritability and moodiness.
I learned of RTP through Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat Feed
the Muscle Group on Facebook where he was announcing a contest.
As soon as I read about RTP, I knew I had to purchase it! My biggest
goal pre-RTP was to change myself on the outside. I had NO idea
that by clicking on Purchase Now I was going to change so much
on the inside!

Reading those first chapters of Adam’s eBook really dredged
up a lot of repressed thoughts and feelings. It forced me to face
them head on, forgive them and NEVER LOOK BACK! When I completed
the eBook, it wasn’t about a contest anymore; it was for
me to truly change from the inside out. Adam has taken a complete
approach to his program. He transforms your mindset, has you set
goals and figure out what is going to motivate you to help get
you through the next 84 days. In addition, he has taken all the
guess work out of the nutrition and training! He spells it all
out for you and you JUST DO IT! To keep you accountable.

Adam has created Shreddersphere, a private community of like minded
people who are there to transform their minds and bodies. It is
a place to post your blogs and daily pictures. I have never blogged
in my life, but it is freeing experience. Posting pictures everyday
next to my Day 1 picture really helped me to keep my motivation
up. Even if the scale wasn’t moving, I could tell small
differences in my pictures everyday! The support you receive on
the sphere is just incredible. Each Shredder’s blog has
touched my life in a different way. Each day I take away something
that makes my life richer! This community and the people in it
are beyond words. It is full of wonderful, incredibly smart and
funny people who I can call friends! There is a plethora of knowledge,
wisdom, support, encouragement and motivation in the sphere! All
of the support kept me going and I know without a doubt I couldn’t
have followed through with success without it!

By the time I turned 40, I wanted to feel wonderful and be in
the best shape of my life! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I am in the best
shape of my life and I know exactly why! I took it day by day,
hour by hour and did the daily actions that produces results!

THANK YOU SO MUCH ADAM! You have turned my life around! All of
your hard work and trial and error over the years has provided
me with the ALL the tools I needed to transform my MIND AND BODY!
You have taken all the guess work out of it! 84 days has come
and gone, but I am still going strong inside the sphere. It has
become a part of my life now.

Kim McGuire

Frisco, Texas


Craig Landman: 84 Day Statistics on RTP
Fat Weight Lost
17.61 Pounds of Fat Lost
Body Fat % Lost
6.3% of Bodyfat Lost

Vanessa Rau: 84 Day Statistics on RTP
Fat Weight Lost
8.6 Pounds of Fat Lost
Body Fat % Lost
14.3% of Bodyfat Lost
Lean Muscle Gain
10.3 Pounds of Muscle Gained

“The ShredderSphere Has Made
Me A Better Person Inside and Out”

The RTP Modules gave me the tools to create a plan for a
healthy lifestyle. The detailed instruction found in the Modules
included daily exercise plans and nutrition outlines which allowed
weekly reward meals. The reward meals made it easier to incorporate
this healthier way of eating into a permanent lifestyle change.

The Modules provide all of the information one needs to make a
dramatic body transformation; however, without the support of
my friends in the ‘sphere’, it would have been an
impossible journey for me. I had to post photos and blog daily
which kept me on track to reach my goals. The accountability factor
makes all of the difference. I have made many new friends on ShredderSphere.com;
people from all over the globe who have gathered together to support
each other with humor, friendship and encouragement.

Spending twelve weeks in this on-line community has made me a
better person inside and out. I have transformed my body which
has given me inner strength, self confidence and happiness. The
friendships I have made will continue to grow as we set new goals
and help each other achieve them.

Vanessa Rau.

Nevada, USA


Michael Cowper: 84 Day Statistics on RTP
Fat Weight Lost
19.1 Pounds of Fat Lost
Body Fat % Lost
7.35% of Bodyfat Lost
Muscle Gain
0.9 Pounds of Muscle Gained

“I Am So Grateful For All The
Caring Support I Received…”

First of all I should mention that I’m 60 years old, I’ll
be 61 in just a few weeks. One thing I can say after all these
years is that life is a roller coaster. Not very profound I know,
but I knew I was at one of the low spots on the ride when I first
heard about Adam Water’s RTP Transformation System.

There was one more part of this whole extremely well thought out
RTP System that Adam had included, and that was what he called
the Powerful Reasons Why. As part of the visualization and motivational
part of the program each person had to seriously assess his or
her predicament and list the reasons for wanting to change and
the goals they wanted to reach and write them down. These PRWs
became powerful motivators from the outset, and even more, they
became something we could all rely on as we went through the hard
times that will come with any program lasting 3 months. I think
the idea of PRW was the thing that grabbed me as impressively
different from the start. We all used them all through the program
I am sure, long after the great workouts started becoming more
and more of a pleasure, instead of torture..

Having a program has always been necessary for me, I need the
imposed discipline. To have a program with every day’s exercises
prepared on a sheet of paper that could be used to record weights,
reps, sets, etc. was a real pleasure and very productive. Plus
the program was phased in 3 one month efforts, RTP base training,
strength training, and circuit training. Even at my age I managed
to gain muscle during the strength training, much to my surprise.
The circuit training usually ended up with me being completely
soaked in sweat, and panting. I enjoyed the entire 3 month journey,
even my first month where there was bit of bumbling around.

I received much more support than I gave, perhaps a little more
confidence might improve that. I am so grateful to all of the
really caring support I received.

I would like to thank Adam for such a complete enjoyable program,
and a program that not only produces great results, but teaches
good habits and valuable information that one can use for a lifetime,
even if you’re starting at 60. And I would like to thank
Adam for his constant involvement, just when you had doubts about
it all he seemed to pop into my blog with an encouraging word,
and if you had a good week, or a even a good workout he always
seemed to show up with a congratulation. I think every member
of the Sphere can say the same thing.

How have things changed for me since I started this program? Let’s
see, I started on May 4, 2009, on July 3, 2009 I retired from
my job of 23 years. One week later I had formed a private company
and took on a 3 year contract to manage the construction of two
new hospitals, and a medical services centre/residence. Oh yes,
and on July 18 I entered the Yukon Territorial 36-hole Golf Championship
and loved every minute of it. I wish I could say that I won the
senior divison but I was a lot stronger so I could say I hit some
of those balls really far into the woods, heh. Golf practice will
be part of Mission 2, which Robyn and I start together next Monday,
this time with her boyfriend, Jeremy. It’ll be so much fun.

Michael Cowper.

Yukon, Canada


“Aussie Cleo”: 84 Day Statistics on RTP
Fat Weight Lost
12 Pounds of Fat Lost
Body Fat % Lost
8.00% of Bodyfat Lost
Muscle Gain
7.6 Pounds of Muscle Gained

“This has Been A Life-Changing
Experience For Me”

Due to ongoing health issues, I had one major operation last
year and then one this year. I wanted (and needed) to get back
to health. I subscribe to Tom Venuto’s newsletter in which he
mentioned ‘Adam Waters the Aussie Fitness Blogger’ and his new
‘Transformation Competition’. It drew me in. I purchased this
system and have never looked back.

This has been a life-changing experience for me. The modules and
supporting templates are fantastic, and the Sphere is one of my
favourite places to be! The nutrition instructions and workouts
templates are so comprehensive – there is no guesswork – and the
support of others within the Sphere is remarkable.

I’ve lost 5kg of fat and put on 3kg of muscle in 12 weeks and
I have gone from feeling unhappy about myself to feeling fit,
healthy and happy.

I can no longer imagine life without RTP!


Sydney, Australia


Chris Bowen: 84 Day Statistics on RTP
Fat Weight Lost
18 Pounds of Fat Lost
Body Fat % Lost
3.1% of Bodyfat Lost

“Lives Are Changing…You
Should Come Join Us!”

Over the past 2 or 3 years I have been depressed. In 2005
I changed jobs from a job I had put my heart and sole into, to
a job which paid better money, had better benefits but was very
unfulfilling. I have been working a very high stress job, as a
yardmaster, taking care of a small farm at home, and never giving
myself any time. I had become a couch potato, 258 lbs, with no
ambition or drive to get out and live life!!

The RTP program taught me the battle to change my life and transform
my body was taking place in my mind! Knowing what to do and actually
doing it was where I was falling short. I was pumped. When I actually
put my powerful reasons why, (PRW) on paper and took the time
to really think about why I had to change the fire was lit.

One of the critical elements of my transformation was to hold
myself accountable. Putting it out there for the world to see
is a powerful driver, of discipline. The daily accountability
logs help make the planning process of eating a snap. Feeding
my body fuel rather than eating something because it looks or
smells good has been a welcome change.

Having a training program all printed out on paper each day has
been one of the best parts of the RTP System for me. I have been
able to track my progression through mission 1. I never spend
time wondering what I am going to do just go in and get it done.
The workout can be as hard or as easy as you make them. I have
put a lot into them and I got a lot of sweat out of them. Nearly
every training session I did, I went home soaking wet with sweat.
Part of my daily routine was a 25 minute cardio warm up before
lifting. The RTP Training Program rocks. It changes up daily to
keep things fresh and keep the muscles working hard.

With the RTP lifestyle I have noticed I have more confidence.
People at work treat me different. They are friendlier, and more
willing to do what I tell them needs to be done. I have noticed
that my new confidence has even changed the way I communicate
with the upper level managers. We now have conversation and trouble
shoot together rather than the calls filled with stress and one
way communication.

I love my new life. I love my family, who has supported me throughout
my transformation. The pictures are worth more than words. I have
made some serious progress toward my goal of 9.9% body fat. Measurements
and scale weight are good motivation but not, in my mind, anything
to brag about. My clothes are smaller, my heart is bigger, my
lungs and muscle are much stronger, and life is great.

If anyone is looking for a serious way to change their life for
the better, I would definitely recommend the RTP life style. The
support and tools in the Sphere are incredible. The people in
the sphere are all people walking down the same path. Very positive
things come from people when they are seeing positive results.
I am very grateful to be a part of something so good. Lives are
changing, you should come join us and share your positive energy,
ideas, and friendship

Chris Bowen,

Idaho, USA


Judith MacCaellich-Young: 84 Day Statistics on RTP
Fat Weight Lost
14.7 Pounds of Fat Lost
Body Fat % Lost
6.9% of Bodyfat Lost

“If A Middle-Aged Woman Can
Do This, So Can You!”

Well this all started with a bit of luck, I found a letter
from Tom Venuto in my SPAM folder! I’m still not sure what
it was doing in there. I read about a Real Time Transformation
Program (RTP) pioneered by Adam Waters, using the principles of
BFFM (Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle). I was immediately intrigued,
and wanted to know more. After a short spell of inner doubt, a
day of arguing with myself about my lack of motivation, possible
waste of money etc, I took the plunge and bought the e-book.

I must say that decision was the best thing that I have ever done
for myself! If you are reading this and debating whether to buy
or not, just do it! I lost over 19 lbs of fat and 3 dress sizes
in 12 weeks, if I a middle aged woman can do this, so can you!
It is funny, back then, I had little use for a forum, the Sphere
(or so I thought), taking daily photos? What a bind! Visualisations
– New Age mumbo jumbo! I was wrong. These tools turned out
to be the most powerful set of positive motivators that I believe
you can find anywhere! Why?

The Sphere: Fellow Shredders and friends can motivate you
in any way that you can imagine from gentle encouragement, to
the kick butt mentality of Black Ops, there is a support type
that will work for you and they are international, there is always
someone there. Don’t think that there are only Shredders
on there either, you’ll also find Adam, Tom, Carlos, and
Marc. Reach out and contact them, ask for help and support when
you need it, you are not alone.

The Photos: They soon became a mental focus for food naughtiness.
If I eat that, I will look really bad tomorrow! Each week I’d
add an album cover with my Day 1 photo and the first photo of
the new week, side by side comparison shots. Suddenly I could
see movement, it was working!

Visualisation and Mental Focus: My PRWs were always a little
weak, but I found that as I progressed through RTP, I could fine
tune them to work for me.

Placing a copy of my future body with my list of intentions around
the house really worked (kitchen, toilet, bathroom, computer desk)
each time I walked passed the lists I would say them aloud and
focus on my new body.

Many of my inner changes revolved around my entrenched mindset,
was it too late to change? No. I learned that I was still a warrior
at heart, and that RTP could provide an excellent set of buttons,
but that I had to push them. Now go and push your own!

Judith MacCaellich-Young,



Dougal’s Day 85 Blog Post On ShredderSphere.com

“A Big Thank You To Adam Waters and RTP…”

“14 weeks ago I was fresh
out of hospital and looking to recover from major surgery. I was
fat unhealthy and full of infection. Today, I’m heading, fast
toward my self fullfilling prophecy of becoming the best me I’ve
ever been and I’m pumped.

84 days done and I want to thank every single Shredder on the
‘Sphere’ for all their support and comments during the last 84.

It’s been wonderful getting to know all of you and making a whole
bunch of new friends….genuine caring people with a common cause.

We are a community and everyone wants to belong to a community
so I think we can reasonably expect the ‘Sphere’ to grow exponentially
going forward. It is our responsibility to help all those who
come in and find difficulty getting to grips with a new way of
life that we so blithely now take for granted.

We were all there once.

As my Mission1 disapears into the distance, Mission 2 looms large
on the horizon…well a half a Mission actually since it finishes
in 41 days from now, I am excited about the prospect of getting
completely shredded and looking and feeling better than I ever have.

Isn’t it amazing to think that in just a month and a half there
will be hundreds of ‘transformers’ all over the ‘Sphere’ and just
3 short months before that we were all just a bunch of tired overweight
individuals desperately trying to reclaims our lives.

A big thank you to Adam Waters and the RTP Transformation System
and the brilliant concept of collective accountability and a massive
thank you to Carlos for being there for me over the last year
and a bit…I’m grateful that “he had my back” and played
a big part in my recovery.

Thank you Soldier.

History is being made here my friends and….WE ARE PART OF IT.

Could it get more exciting. NOT FOR ME.

Dougal Macdonald, South Africa,


Debbie’s Final Statistics on RTP
15.6 Pounds (7 kg’s) Lost over 84 Days
6.7% Body fat of Lost over 84 Days.

Debbie’s RTP Transformation System Review

In addition, check out Debbie’s review of the RTP
Transformation System after receiving the “Pre-Release”
Version in December 2008.

“The RTP Transformation System
Is In A Class By Itself…”

“The RTP Transformation System is absolutely
in a class by itself. I have personally used the system and it
is by far the most comprehensive program out there. Adam Waters
leaves no stone unturned.

If you are serious about losing weight and improving your health
and fitness level, you won’t be disappointed with the RTP Transformation

It will take you step by step in getting you prepared for your
start on day 1. This is important since many people make the mistake
of starting a program without proper preparation only to realize
it afterwards.

RTP walks you through several unique Action Steps which will reveal
WHY you want to get fit and WHAT motivates you. All the pre-work
is done up front so that you know exactly what to do and why you’re
doing it when you start your program.

Adam Waters has personal experience in losing weight several times
only to gain it all back.

He has found what works and is sharing his experience on how each
of us can not only make our own transformation but also without
fear that we’ll return to our former unfit selves.

His outstanding character and integrity is demonstrated in every
Module of his System and the ShredderSphere community he created
is like having a friend by your side offering support every step
of the way.

You deserve the best fitness program available. It doesn’t matter
if this is your first, fifth or fiftieth attempt to get fit ?
RTP will show you the way to achieve your dream body and not look

It’s an investment in yourself you won’t regret.”


Debbie S., Ohio, USA


David Waters on RTP

David’s Final Statistics on RTP
22.2 Pounds (9.2 kg’s) Lost over 84 Days
7% Body fat Lost over 84 Days.

David Waters: Day 84 Personal Blog Post
About His RTP Success

“After Reading RTP I Knew
There Was No Way I Could Fail”

“Hi everybody and yes I finally did it!

I am soo thrilled to have completed Adam’s RTP Transformation
System!! It was the hardest and also the most exhilarating experience
of my life. There were times there that I had to go to my core
to get the job done.

I am so proud of myself of continuously striving to get the
most out of myself. Its not only about the weight loss and the
physique change but the emotional shift. I changed in ways I
never thought possible.

This was probably the biggest accomplishment of my life along
with obtaining my P.G.A Card.
The big thing about my
personality is that I’ve always been a hard word worker but
I’ve never felt successful and as a result massive success had
never been obtained to the extent that I’ve seen from my peers.

The biggest thing that I finally broke this down to was emotional.
The RTP Transformation System was fantastic and extremely insightful
in its approach to the physical and nutritional side to a physique

Now fast forward to the beginning of
this Mission and I asked Adam if I could come aboard. He said
absolutely and I started.

After reading his modules there was no way I could fail if I
followed exactly how it was written.
Now after about
60 days of continued discipline there were very visible results!

I was excited and Adam was beaming. I knew I had gained his
respect and restored my word with vigorous confidence for life.
After 84 days I was over the moon!! My life has just begun…

The last thing I want to say is a big thank you to all the Shredders.
It’s such an amazing feeling waking up and seeing all those
positive messages. It gives you that massive high and push to
go harder every day.

I would go through days especially on those last few weeks that
all I wanted to do was write about my inspiring day. I would
work extremely hard so I could share it with everybody else
about my conquest that day.

That just says amazing things about the Shreddersphere and how
it was created.

David Waters, Brisbane, Australia


Brian’s Final Statistics on RTP
27 Pounds (12.2 kg’s) Lost over 84 Days
12% Body fat Lost over 84 Days.

Brian Hildebrand: Day 84
Blog Post about His RTP Success

“Thank You Adam Waters for
your RTP System!”

“Excellent! All Goals and Wildest Dreams Met!!

Goal – 30% down to 18% body fat – Actualized 18.1%!

Goal – 216 down to 190 pounds – Actualized 189.4 pounds!

Goal – Mission 1 becomes successful so my next Mission,
2, can have a standing chance of putting me on the white sand
Florida beach with my family, my cake, and my six pack of abs
on 7/23/2009 – Actualized!

Major thanks in advance have to go to my fellow RTP Transformation
System Shredders inside the ShredderSphere for the “Positive
Pressure” of encouragement you have given me over these
last 84 days. (access to the actual “Sphere” blog
is given to those who purchase the System)


1) Being in the best shape of my life in nearly 20 years.

2) Inspiring others that a normal everyday sedentary office
worker, husband and father of three can achieve massive health
and nutrition improvements when following a strategic plan with
focus and dedication – Thank you Adam Waters for your great example
and especially for your RTP Transformation System.

3) Obtaining the simple stuff: playing with my kids at the
playground with vigor, flexibility and ease of movement’
knowing I can jump, crawl and climb right along with them!


4) Being totally blown away that the fat and weight goals
I wrote down were rooted in Tom Venuto’s The Body Fat Solution
sound conservative life-long habit forming principles (0.8% body
weight loss per week, 1% body fat % reduction a week).

This Mission would not have been possible without Adam Waters
becoming my mentor when he humbled me to become a part of the
RTP Transformation System back on 12/22/2008 on my Day 14: Massive
and Immediate Action! 213 DTG and his Day 774: Massive And Immediate

Cheers to you Adam – RTP works bro! Pictures are worth more than
what I can say! Thank you Fellow Shredders!

Thank you Adam Waters! Thank you Tom Venuto! Thank you Cassie

Thank you friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors!



Brian Hildebrand, Texas, USA


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