Adam Waters
Adam Waters

My name is Adam Waters and I’d like to welcome you to my personal website. As I do not advertise this site or it’s services I will assume you found me through Real Time Physique, my daily accountability blog dedicated to rapid-fire physique transformation.

If your reason for being here is a life-changing physique transformation (in the shortest time possible) there is one thing I can guarantee you up front, you have come to the right place. This is the only place online where I offer my one-on-one coaching services.

There are caveats that you must know before you go through the application process. The first is that I only work with two people at any one time. Each successful candidate goes through a rigorous application process which is designed to sort the serious from the curious.

The second caveat is your perception of the following: what you think is possible in 12, 24 or 36 weeks. If you have a firm belief that fat loss must follow the 1-2 lbs per week rule (recommended by nearly every “expert” online) then I advise you to leave this site immediately.

Here’s why I say that. I dropped 51 lbs in my first 100 days (August 10, 2021 to November 17, 2021) and I did it only averaging 70 minutes of training per day. I have also been on “cruise mode” with my nutrition plan since Day 1, that is, no cravings or binge benders.

This speed of fat loss may (or may not) sound alien to you but I can state this for a fact: not only is it possible, it is preferable. If you take nothing else away from my message here I encourage you to burn this into your brain:


It is easier to transform your physique fast, rather than slow. Provided you have the right foundation.


What is the right foundation? Well, it is starting from the ground up with your most important ally, your mind. If your mind is currently your enemy we will go deep and explore your true mindset, motivations and goals. We will then release the power of your mind by enshrining a daily ritual that encompasses all of the above.

Next, we will harness the power of daily accountability. As you may know I have utilised this power to great effect on my personal blog, not to mention the 120 success stories from my original RTP Transformation System.

You will report back at the end of each day with your training and nutrition with pictures of both. To tap into the power accountability from all angles you will also supply me with your vital stats, i.e steps taken, average heart rate, weight and bodyfat (and any other stat we deem appropriate) on a daily basis.


If this level of accountability makes your stomach churn then you may need my coaching services more than you realise.


If you are able to demonstrate a commitment to the mindset, motivation and goal achievement modules (via the initial questionnaire) along with an understanding of the 95%+ level of compliance required on my accountability system then, and only then, do we move onto training and nutrition.

I will personally work with you in designing both a training and nutrition plan that is tailored specifically to you. Within reason, I will take your preferences into account and deliver you a training and nutrition program designed to produce measurable results from Week One.

If my system of rapid-fire physique transformation sounds appealing to you the next step is joining my waiting list below. You will be among the first to know when a new slot opens up. Upon receiving an email from me with the subject line “Coaching Slot Open” you will be provided with a unique URL to the application page.

Important: While my decision on who to accept is not based on a “first-come, first-serve” it will be wise to submit your application within the first 24 hours.